Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Voice still remains a novelty within the smart home to many consumers. Consumers are not using home voice assistants’ applications frequently, and when they are using them, they aren't using the same ones regularly. This could be because consumers see voice as yet another confusing or redundant platform or interface within the home, and not one that’s critical to their smart home ecosystems or daily experiences.

While this certainly represents another adoption barrier, it's unclear of what the actual impact of this perception will be. The perception of home voice as a luxury normally would be seen as a major barrier to adoption of voice-assisted speakers within the smart home. But lower price points for the devices may lead to some consumers adopting voice as a smart home speaker despite their status as luxury devices. A good example of this is the Echo Dot, priced at $49.99, which prompts some users to purchase the device on a whim. Moving forward, it'll be key to see if this perception holds back adoption of smart home speakers.


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